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The City Finance Committee establishes guidelines for city budgeting and accounting, reviews and comments on city budgets to city officials to improve upon and use sound financial procedures. It also conducts studies of municipal revenues and expenditures, and advises and makes recommendations annually to the Governor and the General Assembly concerning city budgets and finance. Lastly, it acts as the appeal board for decisions rendered by the Director of Department of Management on rate limit appeals by cities.


June 17, 2019 CFC Meeting Agenda

February 20, 2019 CFC Meeting Agenda

December 18, 2018 CFC Meeting Agenda

September 10, 2018 CFC Meeting Agenda

August 1, 2017 CFC Meeting Agenda

August 3, 2016 CFC Meeting Agenda

October 3, 2016 CFC Meeting Agenda


May 23, 2017 CFC Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

August 1, 2017 CFC Meeting Minutes

August 3, 2016 CFC Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2015 CFC Meeting Minutes


COI 384.13 - City Finance Committee

ARC 545 - City Finance Committee

Members of City Finance Committee

Name City county position Term Begin Term end
Randall Cook Creston Union Certified Public Accountant 05/01/2012 04/30/2020
Kent Anderson Orange City Sioux City Official 2,500-15,000 05/01/2012 04/30/2020
Michelle Weidner Waterloo Black Hawk City Official > 50,000 05/01/2012 04/30/2020  
Dawn Meyer Manning Carroll City Official < 2,500 05/01/2018 04/30/2022
Thomas Dryg Bettendorf Scott Governor's Designee 06/03/2018 04/30/2022
Carrie Kruse Des Moines Polk City Official Any Size 05/01/2018 04/30/2022
Lisa Frasier Newton Jasper City Official 15,000-50,000 05/01/2018 04/30/2022








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