Lean In Government Starter Kit

The Starter Kit provides practical tools, resources, and tips for:

  • How to get started with Lean;
  • How to implement and manage the phases of a Lean event; and
  • How to sustain and diffuse Lean activity within an organization.

This Starter Kit contains three types of resources:

  • Practical guidance and background information on how to use Lean methods to improve agency processes
  • Bibliography of Lean References
  • Resources, tools, and templates to support agency Lean implementation efforts, covering the following topics:
    • Getting started with Lean
    • Event planning
    • Lean event implementation
    • Lean event follow-up
    • Sustaining and diffusing Lean activity

This Starter Kit was developed through a collaborative process involving representatives from five States—Delaware, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Nebraska, the Environmental Council of the States (www.ecos.org), and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (www.epa.gov).  EPA’s National Center for Environmental Innovation (NCEI) provided advisory and contractor support to this effort. Ross & Associates Environmental Consulting, Ltd. (www.ross-assoc.com) prepared this Starter Kit under subcontract to Industrial Economics, Inc. (EPA Contract # EP-W-04-023 and EP-W-04-093).

The EPA-state workgroup coordinating the development of this Starter Kit included the following agencies:

  • Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
  • (www.dnrec.delaware.gov)
  • Iowa Department of Management (www.dom.state.ia.us)
  • Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (www.michigan.gov/deq)
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (www.pca.state.mn.us)
  • Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (www.deq.state.ne.us)

Special recognition should be given to the Iowa Department of Management’s Office of Lean Enterprise. Many of the resources in this Starter Kit are based on resources that have been prepared for agency managers in Iowa.  Version 2.0 of this Starter Kit includes more recent input from the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) and state environmental agencies. Additionally, this version draws on experience and lessons with Lean implementation shared by representatives at EPA and other federal agencies who have used Lean.

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