August 2020 State Appeal Board meeting

Date & Time: 
08/03/2020 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Call to Order

Adoption of Agenda

  1. Approval of July 6, 2020 State Appeal Board Meeting Minutes
  2. Consideration of General Claims - Chapter 25
  3. Ratification of Tort Claims – Chapter 669
  4. Discussion of newly submitted Settlement/Judgment(s) by the Attorney General’s Office
  5. Ratification of July Actions:
  • Monies Paid From General Fund for Settlements and Judgments
  • Settlements and Judgments Paid by DOT
  • Administrative Process Claims
  • Interagency Claims
  • Outdated Warrants Reissued
  • Tort Claims under 28E Agreement


Conference Call: 866-685-1580; Conference Code: 5157256153
Program Area
State Appeal Board
Claims, Public Meeting

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