How do I access the new visualization canvas?

All logged in users with a domain level role will be able to utilize the new visualization canvas and create and save new visualizations.  You can navigate to the new visualization canvas in a couple of different places.  The first method is navigate to the Primer page (i.e. dataset landing page) of a dataset and click "Visualize and Explore."  This will direct you to the new visualization canvas.

Navigating to new visualization canvas from primer page.

Navigate to the green “Visualize” tab on a dataset and click the “Try Visualization Preview”. You will be directed to the new visualization template, and by clicking on “+Add Visualization”, you can begin to create charts, maps, etc.

Program Area
Open Data, Data Views, Charts, Maps

Printed from the Iowa Department of Management website on April 24, 2018 at 3:55pm.