How do I change my open data account settings?

Once you sign into your account, you will be taken directly to your account’s dashboard.  You may access your dashboard at any time by clicking the “Hello” link that includes your organization’s name in top right hand corner.  Once on your account’s dashboard, you should click “Edit Account Settings” under the menu bar.  This will take you to a web form where you can:

  • Change the email associated with the account
  • Change the password associated with the account
  • Subscribe to email notifications

All users should change your password from the default once a new account is created.  If duties change or staff turnover, the email associated with the account should also be updated to use the email of the individual who will assume responsibility for the account.

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Open Data, Account

Printed from the Iowa Department of Management website on April 26, 2018 at 12:14pm.