How do I edit an asset's metadata on the Open Data Portal?

To edit metadata, you will first need to be logged into the open data portal (  Once signed in, there are a couple of ways you can access a page to edit a asset's metadata - see below.  Before you edit, please review the metadata vocabulary to ensure you are providing the correct information in each field.

Asset Inventory

The Asset Inventory is a new way for you to view content you own or that has been shared with you on  To access your asset inventory, click the sprocket or cog icon in the far right corner of the page and then click "Assets."  Once you have accessed the "My Assets" page, click the three dots in the Action column on the row of the asset whose metadata you would like to edit, then click "Edit Metadata..."

Primer Page

The path to edit your metadata is to open the dataset whose metadata you are interested in editing, then click the "Edit Metadata" button that is in the "About this Dataset" section of the page.

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Open Data, Metadata

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