How do I embed a data view on my agency's website?

Using, you are able to embed any dataset, chart, map, calendar, or filtered view on to your website.  This provides additional ways for you to share your data with others.  By embedding content, anytime the underlying data is updated, the embedded dataset, chart, map, calendar or filtered view is also updated.  No longer do you have to update content in multiple places.  To embed content, navigate to the dataset or view of interest, and follow the steps below:

  • Open the embed panel by clicking the “Embed” button
  • Select the size you want
  • Copy the html code provided
  • Place the html code in the website page you want the dataset, chart, map, calendar or filtered view to display

The embedded visualizations are made with iframes which are typically more difficult for screen readers to process.  You should add a description of the embed on your webpage, explaining what the iframe contains and then link to the 508 compliant/accessible version of the underlying dataset (i.e. link to the dataset on

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Open Data, Data Views, Embed, Iframes, 508 compliant

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