How do I find what I am looking for within a dataset?

Dataset search box above dataset panel buttons.There are a couple of ways to find information you are interested in with in a dataset on our open data portal.  The first way is to use the search box on the dataset's page.  The search box is in the top, right hand corner of the dataset - above the panel buttons, as shown in the image to the right.  Type the term you are interested in and hit return.  The the contents of every cell within the dataset will be searched and the results will be displayed.  The second way is to filter the dataset for the information you are interested in.Filter Panel Steps

Create a filter

  1. Open the filter panel, by clicking the blue filter button, see above image.  In the filter panel, you are have the option to filter a dataset based on its contents.
  2. Once you have opened the filter panel, and click“Filter”
  3. Click the “Add New Filter Condition” button, as shown in image to the right.
  4. Select the column you would like to filter by and the operation you would like to use.  The dropdown arrows adjacent to the column name and operation allow you to select other options.
  5. Enter the condition you would like to apply (e.g. a word, number, date, or range) in the available text box, and check the box to the left of the text box, as shown in the image to bottom right.
  6. When you have applied your filter, you can either export the results and/or save your new view of the data.  To save the view you will need to set up a user account on


Video Tutorial: Basic Filtering
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