How do I share and change owners of datasets in the Open Data Portal?

Image showing where button on website is located to access the "Manage" panel.

It is a good practice to share your datasets with other users who will be involved with updating, reviewing and/or approving your data.  You may do this by clicking “Manage” on your dataset.  In the manage panel, you click “Sharing” then the “Share this Dataset” button.  You can then enter emails of the individuals you would like to share the data with and specify appropriate permissions.  There are three different permissions you may give to those users you share your dataset with:

  • Viewer – allows users to view a working copy of the dataset, view a private dataset, and have quick access to the published dataset in their dashboard - “Shared to Me” tab.
  • Contributor – allows users to not only view the dataset, but edit it as well.  However, they are not able to publish changes.
  • Owner – allows users to view, edit and publish your data, as well as, make changes to the dataset schema.

You may also transfer ownership of your dataset to another user via the manage panel.  Just click “Ownership” and enter the email of the user you want to transfer ownership of the dataset to.  You will be required to select from list of options.  Please note that they must have an account on

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