How do I update a dataset published on the Open Data Portal?

Image showing the location of the edit button for a dataset.

To edit datasets via the web-based interface, you will first need to be logged into the open data portal (  Once signed in, head to your dashboard (you should be automatically directed there once you sign in).  If you are not on your dashboard, you can easily navigate to your dashboard by clicking the “Hello” link above the main search box for the website.  Once you are on your dashboard, you will need to click the title of your dataset to open it, and then click “Edit” button (as shown in above image) to open the edit panel.  On the edit panel, you will need to click “Edit Dataset” to create a working copy of your dataset.

A working copy is an editable version of your dataset that you can change and collaborate on with your coworkers.  Changes made to the working copy are not reflected on the published copy until you are ready.  When you’re done with making your changes, you can “publish” the working copy to be the new published copy, and your changes will become accessible to the public.

In the working copy, you can make changes to individual cells, or launch the Append and Replace wizard to add rows to your dataset (append), or replace your dataset entirely (replace).

Video Tutorial: Edit Datasets
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