How does an agency performance plan link to their strategic plan?

Strategic planning efforts of state agencies describe the future, support the agency mission, and develop procedures to move toward that future. Based on analysis of where the agency currently is against where it wants or needs to be, leaders identify goals that will move the agency forward.

Where strategic plans involve the identification of strategic goals to help achieve the vision, agency performance plans focus on day-to-day, process-oriented, functions of the agency.  Performance planning focuses on identifying what an agency does, on a daily basis, to accomplish the requirements identified in its mission.  The performance plan lays out, in a systematic manner, what the agency does and what the desired outcomes are.

Agency performance planning is necessary to provide agencies with a common understanding of the entire organization and a direction to accomplish the agency’s mission.  Too often we believe we understand the mission of the agency but, in reality, we only understand our part of it.

Differences in Planning Focus

Simplistically, agency strategic and performance plans vary in a number of aspects:

  Strategic Performance
Time Frame Longer (multi-year) Shorter (annual)
Primary Purpose Movement toward Vision Fulfillment of Mission
Implementation One-time (completion) On-going
Impact Cross-functional Functional
Measurement Focus Outcome, quality Input, output, quality, efficiency, outcome
Areas of Focus A few strategic goals All core functions

The agency performance plan generates information that is reviewed as part of the strategic planning process and can lead to implementation of strategic plan strategies.  Conversely, once strategic plan goals and strategies are identified, the implementation of the strategies may eventually become components of the performance plan.

While fundamental differences exist between the two planning processes, strategic and performance planning align together to achieve agency results. Without strategic planning, we would continually improve the things we do today, not addressing any of the issues to make that fundamental leap to the future. Without performance planning, we would not improve the services and products we currently provide to our customers and stakeholders. Agency strategic and performance planning work together to ensure that we both plan for the future and improve what we do today. 

Program Area
Performance Management
Performance Plan, Strategic Plan

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