How does open data support the Accountable Government Act?

The Accountable Government Act (AGA) (Iowa Code Chapter 8E) requires state agencies to disseminate performance plans, performance measures, performance targets based on performance data, and the performance data and data sources used to evaluate agency performance.  It also authorizes the Department of Management access to agency records (i.e. the underlying data) relating to performance.  Publishing data, other than that confidential under law, furthers this dissemination and offers new and more comprehensive ways look at agency performance.  Ultimately, the technology available today will change the way in which we implement the AGA.  Data is related to agency performance if it:

  • Demonstrates progress being made on strategic initiatives
  • Improves the public’s understanding of your agency’s mission and operations
  • Quantifies results achieved by your agency
  • Provides insights on key issues affecting your agency and/or your stakeholders
  • Satisfies regulatory, statutory, or grant reporting requirements
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Accountable Government Act, AGA, Open Data

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