If we have an outstanding GO bond that only a portion of the interest is being paid by TIF, I just report the amount outstanding that will be paid by the TIF, not the total outstanding GO bond?

Yes, you are reporting debt that is eligible to be repaid with TIF revenues. You report the debt by debt instrument and report the outstanding balance as of the beginning of the reported fiscal year.

Keep in mind you will need to take into account what you certified as TIF debt. If you certified the entire GO bond as TIF debt, even if your intent is perhaps not to repay the whole amount from TIF, you would reported the entire GO bond as TIF debt on this report. If you certified an entire bond as TIF debt but your intent is not to repay the whole bond with TIF revenues, you likely need to consider decertifying some of that bond as TIF debt.

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Local Government
Tax Increment Financing, TIF

Printed from the website on February 03, 2023 at 6:00pm.