Is there a expenditure limitation for the General Fund?

The Code of Iowa, section 8.54, establishes a State General Fund expenditure limitation of 99% of the adjusted appropriable revenue estimate. The adjusted revenue estimate is the appropriable revenue estimate for the General Fund following fiscal year as determined by the Revenue Estimating Conference. Adjustments may be made by adding any new revenues which may be considered to be eligible for deposit into the General Fund subtracted by any revenues which are considered not eligible for deposit into the General Fund, that are determined to happen after the Revenue Estimating Conference meets. “New revenues” means moneys which are estimated to be received by the State due to increased tax rates or changes in tax structures and increased or newly created fees. For expenditure limitation purposes, only 95% of the new revenues may be added. Reductions to the General Fund estimate due to tax rate or structure changes and reduced or eliminated fees are reduced at 100% of the amount.

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