What is the Cash Reserve Fund?

The Cash Reserve Fund was created in Iowa Code section 8.56. The fund is separate from the General Fund of the State and the balance in the fund is not considered part of the General Fund. The moneys in the Cash Reserve Fund cannot be transferred, used, obligated, appropriated or otherwise encumbered except as provided under Iowa Code section 8.56. Interest or earnings on moneys deposited in the Fund are credited to the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund. The balance in the Fund may be used in determining the cash position of the General Fund of the State for payment of state obligations. The maximum balance of the fund is the amount equal to 7.5% of the adjusted revenue estimate for the fiscal year. If the amount of moneys in the Cash Reserve Fund is greater than the maximum balance, the excess is required to be transferred first to the GAAP Retirement Account and if not needed in this account, then transferred to the Economic Emergency Fund.

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