What core functions have been defined for the State of Iowa?

Below are the core functions used by the State of Iowa, and their definitions.  However, core functions will evolve as necessary to meet the ongoing and dynamic needs of our state and the people we serve.

Core Functions

Code Core Function
01 Adjudication and Dispute Resolution
04 Advocacy
07 Audits
10 Child & Adult Protection
13 Community Coordination & Development
16 Conservation, Preservation & Stewardship
19 Economic Growth & Expansion
22 Economic Supports
25 Education
28 Emergency Management, Domestic security, Public Health Disaster 
31 Enforcement & Investigation
34 Health & Support Services
37 Legal Representation
40 Library Services
43 Local Government Assistance
46 Military Readiness
48 Offender Release Assessment
49 Offender Supervision, Custody & Treatment
52 Physical Assets Management
55 Public Broadcast & Telecommunications
58 Recreation
61 Regulation & Compliance
64 Research, Analysis & Information Management 
67 Resource Management
70 Retirement System Services and Benefits
73 Revenue Collection and Compliance
76 Sales & Distribution
79 Transportation Systems
82 Vocational Rehabilitation Services & Independent Living
85 Workforce Development Services
88 Reconciliation Clearing Account

Adjudication/Dispute Resolution

Enforce and adjudicate the rights and duties of Iowa citizens and organizations according to Iowa laws. Activities may include mediation, worker’s compensation adjudication, compliance and education services as well as appeals. May also include activities associated with the act of a court issuing an order, judgment or decree or with quasi-judicial case hearings involving Iowans who disagree with a ruling issued by a state government agency.


Advocates for changes in policy, practices and programs that potentially or actually impact specific populations of Iowans. Activities may include public hearings; policy development; conferences; awareness presentations and seminars; research, analysis and information dissemination; outreach and referral; coalition building; and empowerment.


The examination and verification of accounts and records to ensure compliance with Iowa laws.

Child & Adult Protection

Provides an array of services and supports to strengthen families and communities to increase the likelihood that children and adults are safe in their homes and communities. Activities may include child and dependent adult protective services, community based/prevention and support services, foster care, family centered services, protective childcare assistance, and facility based care for children in need of assistance and delinquent youth.

Community Coordination & Development

Develop the economic security and quality of life of Iowans by working with local governments, community organizations, business and others to build the organizational, cultural, entrepreneurial, economic and physical capacity needed for community improvement. Activities may include tourism; film production; volunteer services; housing; community facilities and services; growth management; and/or downtown development; facilitation & coordination; prevention efforts to enhance community, family and individual well being, administration of grants to enhance services or response at the state and local levels; fiscal and program oversight; and technical assistance and support.

Conservation, Preservation & Stewardship

Protect, manage, and ensure the maintenance and preservation of natural and historical resources through the effective use of policies and procedures.  Activities may include serving as a resource for the management of private-owned, natural and historical resources, supporting conservation, and enhancing resources.

Economic Growth & Expansion

Build and support Iowa’s businesses and economy. Activities may include promoting Iowa goods and services worldwide; attracting/retaining skilled workers; attracting/retaining business location investment; facilitating the growth of Iowa’s entrepreneurial and existing businesses; business expansion; business assistance; international trade and reverse investment; and business finance.

Economic Supports

Provide direct and in-direct economic supports to families in need to assist them in having sufficient resources to meet and provide for basic needs. Activities may include eligibility determination; cash assistance; food stamps; employment and training opportunities; quality child care; child support, unemployment insurance; disability benefits; energy and weatherization assistance grants.


Impart knowledge or develop skills and competencies through formal instruction, financial support or other avenues. Activities may include a formal training academy; planning, research and evaluation; technical assistance; curriculum development; fiscal and/or program oversight; administration of state funded scholarships, grants, and loans and student financial aid information services.

Emergency Management, Domestic Security & Public Health Disaster Preparedness  

Support, coordinate, & maintain state and federal emergency management, domestic security, and public health disaster preparedness for Iowa and its citizens.

Enforcement & Investigation (public safety)

Enhance the safety and well being of the public through the enforcement of state and federal laws and to investigate those incidences where laws have been violated. Activities may include patrolling highways; investigating major crimes, alleged fraud, or other incidents of law violations; enforcement of gaming laws; laws involving wildlife harvest; and motor carrier enforcement.


Provide individual, community based and facility based prevention services, health care, long-term health care, mental health, population based services, and substance abuse prevention and treatment. Activities may include funding community based services and prevention, targeted case management, acute psychiatric inpatient care, and outpatient psychiatric, outpatient and in-patient substance abuse treatment, nursing, food and nutrition, pharmacy, and medical services. May also include the provision of publicly funded children and adult health insurance coverage and partnering with public and private entities to secure access to services.

Legal Representation

Provision of legal counsel. Activities may include representation of indigent clients who are accused of committing crimes or involved in juvenile court matters or representing the state in legal affairs.

Library Services

Acquires, manages and circulates information to eligible borrowers. Collections may include books, journals, databases, videos, state and federal documents and access to web sites.

Local Government Assistance

Provide assistance and support to local entities.  This would include certification of budgets, tax equalization, and other types of technical assistance that support funds’ transfers that are separate from contracted services as well as assistance that is not specifically tied to a requirement for the provision of services.

Military Readiness & Defense

Provide combat ready units in support of the national military strategy.

Offender Release Assessment

Assess and determine eligibility for work release and parole of offenders committed to the custody of the Iowa Department of Corrections. Activities may include risk assessment, eligibility determination, parole (grants and revocations,) work release (grants and revocations,) victim notification, program review, and research and analysis of issues related to operations.

Offender Supervision and Custody & Treatment

Manages offenders in appropriate settings, either institutional or community supervision.  Activities include offender assessment and assignment; accountability and rehabilitation programs (i.e. work, education and treatment); offender monitoring through probation, parole, and community service; and housing and subsistence.

Physical Assets Management

Manages state government assets including but not limited to state government buildings, monuments & vehicles. Activities may include property surplus; parking and grounds maintenance; design, construction and maintenance of facilities; space utilization; and the upkeep of state vehicles.

Public Broadcast & Telecommunication Services

Provides public television and other media services and integrates private and public telecommunications capabilities to produce cost effective finished services to support education, medical, judicial and government and enrich people’s lives.  Activities may include programming; video creation; digital educational opportunities; network management, data management, and asset management.


Provide sustainable, responsible recreation opportunities. Recreational activities may include camping, visiting state parks, museums and nature centers, hunting, fishing, boating and other activities related to use of our natural resources.

Regulation & Compliance

Enhance the safety, health and economic well being of the public through consultation and enforcement of state regulations. Activities may include: examining; accreditation; inspections and compliance; complaint investigation; and various licensing, permit and registration activities.

Research, Analysis and Information Management

Provides relevant information and technical services in a timely manner to customers, stakeholders and policy makers to help make informed decisions. Activities may include collection, analysis, management, interpretation and dissemination of information.

Resource Management  (Enterprise or Agency)

Provides all vital infrastructure needs necessary to administer and support agency operations.  Key activities may include financial and human resources management services such as payroll, accounting and budget; purchasing of goods and services; media management; information technology enhancement, management and support; staff development; leadership; planning; policy development; maintenance of physical infrastructure and governance system development to achieve results for Iowans.

Retirement System Services and Benefits

Administer a responsible retirement system for the exclusive benefit of its public employee members and their beneficiaries.

Revenue Collection & Compliance

Collect revenues in compliance with Iowa's laws, e.g. Iowa tax laws. Key activities may include tax processing, accounting, collections, research and assistance, policy development, examination, audit, and timely resolution of disputed tax issues.

Sales & Distribution

Encompasses the activities involved with the sales and distribution of products such as the wholesaling of liquor to licensed retailers and the sales of lottery tickets.

Transportation Systems

Build and maintain Iowa’s transportation to ensure public safety and meet the various needs of Iowans. Transportation includes the following key activities: highway maintenance, construction, planning, design and research; rail; water; transit; and air transportation systems.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services & Independent Living

Provide vocational rehabilitation services to eligible Iowans with a defined disability seeking employment. Activities may include assessment; training; guidance and counseling; referrals; employer assistance; job placement rehabilitative technology services; post-employment follow-up; and coordination of community services.

Workforce Development Services

Provide those services necessary to promote a successful labor exchange system for businesses and job seekers. This may include job matching and placement, skill assessment and enhancement, provision of child labor forms and information, specialized services for various population groups, and other services for employers and job seekers.

Reconciliation Clearing Account[1]

This Core Function exists to avoid a double counting of resources that are appropriated to or received in one budget org and then transferred to an operating account in another budget org.  Data included in this core function accounts for the pre-transfer dollars. Actual operational expenditures (post-transfer dollars) are accounted for in a separate SPA that lists the actual programs/services that benefit from the resources.

[1] Created for budgeting purposes only. Not linked to operational performance.

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Performance Management
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