What data is pulled forward from year to year and what needs to be entered each year?

The uploaded documents (plan, map and ordinance) are pulled forward. Projects are pulled forward unless you indicated the project was both Physically Complete and Payments Complete (meaning the debt used to pay for the project was completely paid). If both have “Y” selected they will be deleted the next year from the list. Debt is also pulled forward unless you had indicated a past year as the final year of payment as well as the general information for Rebate and Non Rebate Expenditures. Other general information, such as the Type of UR and the Date Revenue First Received, etc. on the tax district pages is retained from year to year and is not removed.

Your total outstanding debt will need to be entered as well the amount of any expenditures made during the year. You will also need to complete the Fiscal Recap page for all UR areas. Obviously any new debt, projects, etc., undertaken during the year will need to be entered.

Program Area
Local Government
Tax Increment Financing, TIF

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