What is a family of performance measures?

It is quite common to use a group of measures to gauge the organization’s efforts in providing services, generating products, or conducting activities.  When evaluating core functions, it is normal to have a number of input and output measures.  It is also normal to develop a set of efficiency, quality and outcome measures for each of your core functions.  If you were to develop an inventory of your measures, and classify them by the five types of measures, you should find you have a family of measures

Taken together, a family of measures should help the organization understand what is happening in regards to its services, products, and activities.  These performance measures help the organization measure its processes.  This set of measures can help the organization gauge its efficiency, determine progress in reaching desired results, and determines how well it is meeting the needs of its customers.

Has your organization inventoried its performance measures?  Does your  agency have all five types of measures represented for each of your core functions?  If not, there may be some opportunities to improve your use of measurement tools.

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