What functions are available on the Open Data Portal?

The following table highlights the functions available in the panels for datasets and views.



(datasets only)

The edit panel allows owners of datasets to create working copies of the datasets to edit.  On working copies, owners of datasets can append or replace data or add new columns.


The manage panel allows owners of datasets and views to:

  1. Transfer ownership of a dataset or view to another user
  2. Delete the dataset or view – please note: deleting any dataset will delete all accompanying views
  3. Sharing the dataset or view with other users.  This also facilitates specifying another user as an “owner”
  4. Set permissions for the dataset or view – whether it is public or private, and if comments are allowed.  Please note that all comments are moderated.
  5. Show and hide columns on a dataset – uncheck to hide a column and click “Apply”
  6. Change the order of columns within the dataset – drag and drop order – moving a column up will display it further to the left on the display.  Once you have ordered the columns, click “Apply”

More Views

The more views panel provides owners access to dataset snapshots, which are previous published versions of your dataset.  It also provides a list of views that are based on the dataset.


The filter panel allows users to:

  1. Establishing conditional formatting criteria that can change the background color of rows.
  2. Group rows together and summarize data; and sort data based on one or more columns.
  3. Filter a dataset based on its contents.


The visualize panel provides steps for creating calendars, charts and maps.  On existing views – the visualize panel displays options selected to create the view.  Users can change these in order to create and save new views.


The export panel provides programmatic access via API, refreshable data link (for datasets only) and multiple static downloads (e.g. CSV, CSV for Excel, JSON, PDF, RDF, RSS, XLS, XLSX, XML).  Geospatial data imported using a shapefile can only be downloaded in static formats with geospatial data (e.g. KML, KMZ, or Shapefile) or without geospatial data (e.g. CSV, JSON).  Geospatial data provided by a web service has the same export capabilities as other views.


The discuss panel allows users to submit a comment related to the dataset or view.  All comments are moderated.


On datasets, the embed panel provides owners the ability to create web forms based on their datasets.  It also provides users with html code to embed datasets or views on other websites.


The about panel provides information about the dataset or visualization.  On this panel, owners of datasets or views are given the ability to edit dataset or visualization’s metadata.

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