What makes data highly valued?

The more valued a dataset is, the higher the impact it is likely to have once published.  The following questions are to help guide you in identifying high value data:

Questions Description
Does the data show progress on strategic initiatives? Data related to the Governor or your agency’s strategic initiatives is of value if it can help demonstrate progress being made and/or if your agency’s efforts are having the desired effect.
Does the data help tell your agency’s story? If the data helps improve the public’s understanding of your agency’s mission and operations and/or quantifies results achieved by your agency, it is of high value.
Does the data provide insights on key issues affecting your agency? Data which helps explain issues or answer questions can be of great value to your agency and its constituents.
Is the data frequently requested? As demand is known and quantifiable, this should raise the value of data for publication.  If the dataset is requested on a recurring basis, then your agency may reduce duplication and obtain efficiencies by publishing data on data.iowa.gov.
Does the data have a direct impact on the public? The data is likely of higher value if it is already apparent there is a deep impact and interest by the public.
Is the data in strong demand with your constituencies? The data might be of higher value to specific, narrow interest groups which may be your agency's core constituency for those issues.  It is important to not overlook these constituencies even if demand from the public overall is low.
Is the data of timely interest? Announcements of progress or success or reactions to public criticism can be strongly supported by publishing related data, should it exist.
How much does the data cost your agency to collect and maintain? If you spend a great deal of money on a particular set of data, then it is highly likely that others would like to access it.
Could availability of the data create an economic opportunity? In many cases, this will be unknown to your agency in advance.  Some of the greatest successes with making public data available have involved government data being commercially appropriated in useful ways.  Any anticipated commercial use of your data should be taken into account.
Can publication of the data help satisfy regulatory, statutory, or grant reporting requirements? Some required reports do not require extensive narration, and may be satisfied by publishing datasets alone, or in combination with interactive reports/summaries.
Can publication of the data facilitate collaboration with other state agencies? Certain state functions may involve multiple agencies requiring access to similar data.  Your agency may collect data that is of considerable value to another agency.

The Data Inventory-Priority Matrix Worksheet provides a tool to help you conduct an impact assessment to help prioritize datasets for publishing.

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