What is the role of a lean event sponsor?

The critical role of a team sponsor is to support the team, both during and after the event. See the Sponsor Contract under Resources.
To ensure team success a sponsor must be:

  • Passionate
    • Enthusiastic support of the team
  • Strategic
    • Utilizing the event activity to advance a business objective by improving the performance of the targeted process while being aware of the impact to the total system
  • Committed
    • Engaged from pre-event planning through sustainment
  • Willing to Take Risks
    • Encourage creative thinking to drive paradigm breaking results
  • Open Minded
    • Influence the team to develop the best solution without introducing pre-conceived ideas

During the week of the event the sponsor must support the team through:

  • Event Kick off
    • Communicate expectations to the team
    • Set the direction
  • Be visible during the event
  • Attend Team Leader Update Meetings
    • Redirect if needed
    • Challenge the team
    • Assist in removing roadblocks

See Sponsor Contact Agreement for more details.

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