Why build an agency performance plan?

An agency performance plan is a tool to help state government achieve desired results. A well-built performance plan assists us in at least two key ways:

  1. helps us make informed decisions, and
  2. facilitates our efforts to tell Iowans and other stakeholders what was accomplished.

Make informed decisions

Every day decisions are made that impact results for our customers and stakeholders. Agency performance planning assists us in making better decisions by providing data on which to base decisions. Data may include current performance levels or trends, performance targets based on comparative study or process capability, or the resources being allocated to achieve desired results. Also, by assessing performance relative to specified targets, agency performance planning helps to identify improvement opportunities.

Agency performance planning also helps align agency efforts with customer and stakeholder needs and effectively target scarce resources by clarifying desired results. With shrinking resources and increased customer expectations, we must be organized and confident we are doing the right things – the right way.  A well-developed performance plan helps us make better decisions to provide that assurance.

Tell others what we’ve done

An agency performance plan also helps lay the groundwork to tell others what was accomplished. An agency performance plan documents how well agency performance plan strategies and recommended actions worked to achieve desired results. It will also document results in implementing agency core functions, including key services, products, and/or activities (the number of bridges constructed, how many people were placed in jobs at certain wage levels, the number of children immunized, the number of prisoners served etc.) Performance measures and data sources help us do a better job of informing Iowans what they receive for their investment of tax dollars.

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