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11/28/2016 Child Welfare Performance Improvement Process Report Out
11/28/2016 DNR Air Quality Title V Report Out
11/28/2016 DHS CSRU Intake to Notification Report Out
11/22/2016 DOC Parole Revocation Report Out
11/22/2016 DOC ICON Help Desk Report Out
05/13/2016 Targeted Small Business Certification Kaizen Report Out
03/23/2016 Lean Event Team Charter Example
03/01/2016 Region 7 State/EPA Process Improvement Network Fall Forum
02/09/2016 Event Team Ground Rules
02/04/2016 Lean Facilitator Training
12/04/2015 Multi-Permit & Reduced Permit Framework Report Out
11/06/2015 Iowa Rivers Programs Best Practices Toolbox Report Out
10/30/2015 Data Flow Report Out
09/18/2015 Area Plan Process Report Out
09/17/2015 Income Maintenance Worker Training Report Out
09/11/2015 Filter Area at Iowa Prison Industries Report Out
09/03/2015 Social Work Review Process Report Out
08/28/2015 Electronic Filing System Kaizen Report Out
07/31/2015 Licensure Process for Behavioral Sciences Professionals Report Out
07/31/2015 Long Term Care Ombudsman Program Report Out
05/21/2015 Records Report Out
05/08/2015 Managed Voice Systems Report Out
03/06/2015 Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act -Value Stream Mapping Report Out
03/01/2015 Lean Event Sponsor Contract Template
02/12/2015 Iowa Rivers Programs Report Out
01/16/2015 Motor Pool Invoice Process Kaizen Report Out
01/09/2015 Iowa Prison Industries-Order Entry Report Out
11/07/2014 Garnishments Kaizen Report Out
08/29/2014 ELIAS Help Desk/Level 1 Work Flow Report Out
08/15/2014 Relative Placement Report Out
07/31/2014 Foster Care Review Board Report Out
07/01/2014 Lean Event Preparation Checklist
07/01/2014 Competencies of a Lean Facilitator
06/20/2014 CASA Process Report Out
05/16/2014 ESA – Placement Stability Report Out
02/28/2014 Transition Planning Report Out
02/07/2014 Billing Processes Kaizen Report Out
01/31/2014 Accounting Procedures Report Out
12/20/2013 Title Guaranty Cash Receipts Kaizen Report Out
12/13/2013 Reentry & Release Process Report Out
11/08/2013 Order Entry Kaizen Report Out
10/31/2013 Recoupment of Overpayments Report Out
10/04/2013 Claims Report Out
08/30/2013 Dependent Adult Abuse/Elder Abuse Report Out
08/28/2013 Complex Case Design Report Out
08/02/2013 Lean Facilitator Training Report Out
07/25/2013 Business Property Tax Credit Design Report Out
07/12/2013 Records Check Evaluation Report Out
03/08/2013 Records Management Kaizen Report Out
12/14/2012 Emergency Response Report Out
10/05/2012 Tax Management Division Design Report Out
07/27/2012 Driver's Privacy Protection Act Report Out
07/20/2012 Fiduciary Process Kaizen Report Out
06/29/2012 New Claims Unit Report Out
06/22/2012 Bureau of Refugee Services Report Out
06/15/2012 Investigations Report Out
05/04/2012 Linn Co. Social Worker Supervisor Access VSM Event Report Out
02/20/2012 Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) Report Out
01/27/2012 Air Title V Report Out
12/16/2011 Motor Vehicle Division VSM Report Out
11/18/2011 Hiring Process Report Out
11/04/2011 Protest Process Kaizen Report Out
10/28/2011 Health Facilities Division VSM Report Out
10/07/2011 Snowmobile Grants Report Out
10/07/2011 Child Protective Assessment Kaizen Report Out
09/23/2011 Hearings Report Out
09/16/2011 Customer Service Report Out
09/16/2011 Income Maintenance Customer Service Center – Processing Design Event Report Out
09/16/2011 Single Family Programs Kaizen Report Out
09/01/2011 Underground Storage Tank Tag Renewals Report Out
08/26/2011 Financial Processing Kaizen Report Out
08/25/2011 Shooting Range Report Out
08/25/2011 Linn County Support Staff Kaizen Report Out
08/19/2011 Wastewater Facility Plan Review Report Out
08/12/2011 Non-Housing Complaints Report Out
06/08/2011 Protest Process Value Stream Report Out
05/20/2011 Motor Carrier Accounting Process Report Out
05/12/2011 Unit Based Team Design Report Out
04/22/2011 Centralized Facility Eligibility Unit Redetermination Design Event Report Out
04/21/2011 IT Procurement Report Out
04/15/2011 Des Moines Service Area Family Track Process Kaizen Report Out
04/14/2011 IEDA-OEI Energy Programs Design Event Report Out
04/08/2011 Engineering Project Request Report Out
03/18/2011 Ticket to Work Kaizen Report Out
03/03/2011 CFEU Application Process Report Out
03/03/2011 Centralized Facility Eligibility Unit Applications Design Event Report Out
02/18/2011 PROMISE JOBS Child Care Assistance Kaizen Report Out
02/11/2011 Disciplinary Process Report Out
02/10/2011 Dock Permitting Report Out
01/27/2011 On Boarding Report Out
01/20/2011 Conservation Easement Report Out
01/07/2011 Home Allocation Process Design Event Report Out
12/16/2010 Site Readiness Design Event Report Out
12/10/2010 Temporary Restricted Licenses Report Out
11/10/2010 Contracts Redux Kaizen Report Out
10/29/2010 Small Business Assistance Value Stream Map Report Out
10/15/2010 Sustainable Initiatives Value Stream Map Report Out
10/08/2010 Unemployment Insurance Benefits Redesign Value Stream Map Report Out
10/01/2010 Offender Transitions Report Out
09/24/2010 Business Application Review Kaizen Report Out
08/06/2010 Military Division Purchasing Report Out
07/15/2010 Enterprise Zones Design Event Report Out
05/28/2010 Quartermaster/Central Supply Merger Kaizen Report Out
05/21/2010 Customer Complaints Kaizen Report Out
05/14/2010 Groundwater VSM Report Out
05/14/2010 Centralized Protective Intake Process Kaizen Report Out
04/23/2010 Communications Kaizen Report Out
04/09/2010 Daily Deposits Report Out
03/26/2010 Training Extension Benefits Kaizen Report Out
03/05/2010 Contracts Approval Kaizen Report Out
02/26/2010 Grants Management Payment Process Report Out
02/12/2010 Landfill Permits Report Out
02/12/2010 Landfill Permitting Report Out
02/10/2010 Child Welfare Out of State Placement Process Kaizen Report Out
01/15/2010 AQ Construction Manual Report Out
12/04/2009 Accounts Receivable Report Out
11/20/2009 Communications Report Out
10/16/2009 Purchasing Kaizen Report Out
09/25/2009 Flood Plain Permit Review Report Out
09/18/2009 Accounts Payable Claims Kaizen Report Out
08/28/2009 Mailroom Report Out
07/31/2009 Electric Transmission Franchise Kaizen Report Out
06/19/2009 Empowerment Report Out
05/21/2009 Flood Plain Mapping Report Out
05/01/2009 Re-Employment Services Kaizen Report Out
05/01/2009 Lean In Government Starter Kit
04/03/2009 Bidding Process Kaizen Report Out
02/19/2009 On-Boarding Design Event Report Out
01/16/2009 Unemployment Insurance Tax Collection Kaizen Report Out
12/12/2008 Capital Assets Report Out
12/05/2008 NPDES Permits Report Out
11/07/2008 Travel Authority and Reimbursements Report Out
10/31/2008 Trade Adjustments Kaizen Report Out
10/10/2008 Vital Records Report Out
09/25/2008 Electrical Inspections Report Out
09/12/2008 IMCC Reception process Report Out
08/21/2008 Patient Centered Care Report Out
07/25/2008 Laborshed Studies Kaizen Report Out
07/11/2008 Tax Credit-Affordable Housing Kaizen Report Out
06/20/2008 Boat Registrations Report Out
06/20/2008 Dependent Adult Abuse Investigations in Licensed Facilities Report Out
06/13/2008 Background Checks for Major Procurements Kaizen Report Out
06/06/2008 Housing Complaints Report Out
05/15/2008 Recruitment Process Kaizen Report Out
05/09/2008 Housing Compliance Kaizen Report Out
04/30/2008 JAD/Kaizen Stack Testing Database Report Out
04/04/2008 Professional Licensing Bureau Processes Report Out
03/23/2008 Food Assistance Kaizen Report Out
02/29/2008 Disability Re-determinations Kaizen Report Out
01/18/2008 Wildlife Depredation Report Out
12/07/2007 Service Contracts Report Out
12/07/2007 Job Classification System Kaizen Report Out
11/16/2007 Green Cities Design Event Report Out
11/09/2007 Fire and Arson Investigations Report Out
11/02/2007 Geological Survey Report Out
10/12/2007 Medication Administration Kaizen Report Out
09/23/2007 Office of Energy Independence Design Report Out
06/29/2007 Local Government Budget Analyst Report Out
06/15/2007 Water Quality Standards (WQS) Report Out
05/04/2007 Construction Procurement Process Report Out
05/04/2007 Environmental Business Assistance Report Out
04/27/2007 Unemployment Insurance Monetary Determination Web Application Process Kaizen Report Out
03/30/2007 ESD Staff Allocation Report Out
01/26/2007 Snowmobile & ATV Titling and Registration Report Out
01/24/2007 Environmental Emergency Notification Report Out
12/15/2006 Title Guaranty Kaizen Report Out
11/17/2006 Open Feedlots Construction Permits Report Out
11/03/2006 State Historical Museum - Collections Kaizen Report Out
10/27/2006 Child Abuse Appeals Kaizen Report Out
10/27/2006 Grievance Resolution Kaizen Report Out
10/06/2006 Admissions Kaizen Report Out
10/06/2006 AQ New Source Construction Permits Report Out
09/29/2006 Class E Invoices & Taxation Process Kaizen Report Out
09/01/2006 Working Smart for Environmental Protection: Improving State Agency Process with Lean and Six Sigma
09/01/2006 SIFIC (State of Iowa Facilities Improvement Corp.) Report Out
08/18/2006 Workers Compensation Document Handling Kaizen Report Out
08/03/2006 Kaizen Event Agenda
07/20/2006 Building Code Value Stream Mapping Report Out
07/12/2006 Peer Review Kaizen Report Out
06/09/2006 Medical Appointments Kaizen Report Out
05/19/2006 Peace Officer Applications Report Out
04/14/2006 Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children Kaizen Report Out
03/31/2006 Historical Resource Development Programs Grants Kaizen Report Out
03/23/2006 Maintenance Work Orders Kaizen Report Out
03/17/2006 OSHA Complaint Process Kaizen Report Out
03/10/2006 Above Ground Storage Tanks Report Out
03/03/2006 Order Entry Kaizen Report Out
02/03/2006 Health Facilities Complaint Intake Report Out
02/03/2006 SRF Cross-cutters Report Out
01/27/2006 Procurement, Inventory Management & Distribution Report Out
01/13/2006 State Historical Museum - Exhibits Kaizen Report Out
12/16/2005 Teacher Licensing Report Out
12/09/2005 Customer Requests for Voice Services Report Out
11/16/2005 Magazine Production Report Out
10/07/2005 Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program Report Out
08/26/2005 Project Management System Kaizen Report Out
08/26/2005 Intelligence Analysis Report Out
08/12/2005 Disciplinary Process Kaizen Report Out
07/29/2005 Animal Feeding Operations Construction Permits Report Out
07/15/2005 Elevator Inspection Kaizen Report Out
07/15/2005 Arts Council Grant Application Kaizen Report Out
05/20/2005 Land Acquisition Report Out
04/22/2005 Medication Administration Kaizen Report Out
04/22/2005 Legal Services: Administrative Orders Report Out
04/14/2005 Private Investigator Licensing Report Out
03/24/2005 Floodplains Permits Report Out
03/18/2005 Family Investment Program Diversion Kaizen Report Out
03/18/2005 Offender Re-entry Report Out
03/04/2005 Life Safety Code (Fire Prevention Inspections) Report Out
01/28/2005 Business Financial Assistance Kaizen Report Out
01/28/2005 Manure Management Plans Report Out
01/08/2005 Great Places Program Design Event Report Out
11/19/2004 Sovereign Lands Permits: Environmental Reviews Report Out
10/01/2004 NPDES (Wastewater) Report Out
07/16/2004 Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Corrective Action Decision Report Out
06/25/2004 Section 106 Permits Kaizen Report Out
Lean Thinking in Government: The State of Iowa

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