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04/22/2021 DOC-IPI Install Crew
04/22/2021 DNR Lab Certification Report-Out
04/22/2021 IDA LifeLong Links Call Center
04/22/2021 DCA State Historic Preservation Office
04/22/2021 ANG Recruitment Lead Distribution
04/22/2021 DOC-IPI Fort Dodge 5S
04/21/2021 DOC-IPI Fort Madison 5S
04/20/2021 DNR Fisheries Survey System Report-Out
04/20/2021 DNR State Forest Nursery Value Stream Report-Out
04/20/2021 DNR State Forest Nursery Report-Out
04/19/2021 DOT Multi-State Facial Recognition System
04/19/2021 IPERS Lump Sum Payment Process Report-Out
04/19/2021 DOM Budget Development Report-Out
04/19/2021 DHS Story County 5S Report-Out
04/19/2021 DIA Investigations PADRU WOPR Cases Design Summary
04/19/2021 IPERS QDRO Kaizen Report-Out
04/19/2021 IDR Audit Process Report-Out
03/11/2021 DCI Criminalistics Laboratory DNA Process Efficiency Project Report
03/10/2021 DOM Senate File 481 SIPOC
03/01/2021 IDA NEI3A No Wrong Door to Services Team Charter
02/26/2021 IFA Low Income Housing Tax Credit 8609 Application Team Charter
01/21/2020 Lean Training Calendar 2020
01/21/2020 Lean Training Course Descriptions
01/24/2019 Identifying the Problem Discussion Questions
01/24/2019 5 Why Root Cause Analysis Template
01/24/2019 Problem Solving Process Report Template and Tools
01/24/2019 Process Mapping - One Page Summary
01/24/2019 Lean Event Sponsor Checklist
01/24/2019 Standard Work Template
01/16/2019 Team Charter Template
01/16/2019 Lean Event Sponsor Contract Template
01/16/2019 Lean Event Preparation Checklist
08/28/2018 SIPOC Template
03/23/2016 Team Charter Example
02/09/2016 Event Team Ground Rules
02/04/2016 Lean Facilitator Training
07/01/2014 Competencies of a Lean Facilitator
05/01/2009 Lean In Government Starter Kit
Lean Thinking in Government: The State of Iowa

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