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April 2023 State Appeal Board Meeting

April 2023 State Appeal Board Meeting


Call to Order

Adoption of Agenda

  1. Approval of March 6, 2023 State Appeal Board Meeting minutes
  2. Consideration of General Claims - Chapter 25
  3. Ratification of Tort Claims - Chapter 669
  4. Discussion of newly submitted Settlement/Judgment(s) by the Attorney General's Office
  5. Ratification of March Actions:
  • Monies paid from General Fund for Settlements and Judgments
  • Settlements and Judgments paid by DOT
  • Administrative Process Claims
  • Interagency Claims
  • Outdated Warrants Reissued
  • Tort Claims under 28E Agreement


*Please note: If you are a member of the Press or Public joining our meeting, welcome!  

As a courtesy, please have your video disengaged and your sound/volume muted.


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