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August 2023 Data Snapshot

August 2023 Data Snapshot

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

State Employees


This month, we highlight a cold case dataset published by the State of Virginia. Can you maximize the potential of your data by treating it like a commercial product? An article from the Harvard Business Review discusses what successful companies are doing. Want to improve data literacy within your agency? An article from CDO magazine highlights six principles or lessons to improve data literacy within the public sector.

Also, check out upcoming live training sessions to improve your data skills, and as always explore the on-demand training options.

News, Updates & Tips

Data Highlight: Virginia State Police Cold Cases

This data is a compilation of information from Virginia State Police investigators and local law enforcement used for soliciting tips on unsolved cases throughout the Commonwealth on the Virginia Cold Case Database. The data covers unsolved homicides, missing persons cases, and unidentified remains. It includes incident date, location, victim information and point of contact for the case.

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A Better Way to Put Your Data to Work

Harvard Business Review

Successful companies capture the potential of their data by treating it like a commercial product. By doing so, they can reduce the time it takes to implement it in new use cases by as much as 90%. They do this by developing a base product that can be customized for different users.

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Six Lessons Learned to Improve Data Literacy in the Public Sector

Chief Data Officer Magazine

This article highlights several principles identified in interviewing several pioneering public sector organizations that have initiated data literacy programs. The principles include:

  • Programs succeed when senior leadership champions the effort
  • Understand the gaps before beginning any training program
  • Establish clear, consistent, and common terminology
  • Improve the access to data
  • Align data governance and data literacy
  • Incentivize staff to embrace data literacy

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Upcoming Live Training

Get trained! The table below highlights upcoming live training available to state employees with an account on the Enterprise Data Platform.


Start Time


Aug 7

3 PM

Clean and Tidy Data

Aug 9

3 PM

Create and Manage Your Dataset

Aug 11

12 PM

Transform Data with Socrata Query Language

Aug 14

10 AM

Explore Data with Charts

Aug 16

3 PM

Map Your Data

Aug 18

3 PM

Create Performance Measures

Aug 21

12 PM

Tell a Story with Perspectives

Aug 23

3 PM

Collaborate with Enterprise Data

Aug 25

12 PM

Data Automation with Gateways and APIs

Aug 28

3 PM

Create and Manage Your Dataset

Aug 30

3 PM

Shape & Join Data in the Exploration Canvas

Sep 1

3 PM

Tell a Story with Perspectives

View on demand training & access the training portal (Log-in Required).

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