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February 2024 Data Snapshot

February 2024 Data Snapshot

Thursday, February 1, 2024

State Employees

Adding additional data sources

Global Filter Upgrade

The Global Filter Bar in a story or dashboard on the Enterprise Data Platform now supports filtering across multiple data sources. This allows users to seamlessly integrate various data sources into their reports, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive data analysis experience. With this update, users can effortlessly associate similar columns across different sources, streamlining the filtering process.

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Improvements to Tables

There are now more dynamic and user-friendly table configurations available to users of the Enterprise Data Platform. Below are some of the more advanced formatting options:

  • Calculate totals within flat tables to provide a quick overview
  • Customize placement of subtotal rows for better organization
  • Expand or collapse groupings and save in the preferred state
  • Improved sorting options for groupings

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Summer 2024 Data Analyst Intern

The Iowa Department of Management, Performance Results Office is seeking data analyst interns for Summer 2024 to work on data projects within the Executive Branch of the State of Iowa. Projects will focus on developing reports and dashboards that provide accurate, timely and actionable information to agency leadership, and present critical information to the citizens of Iowa.

Reach out to Scott Vander Hart for more information.

Data Spotlight

Iowa Campaign Contribution Report

 Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board

Online Training

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