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January 2023 Data Snapshot

January 2023 Data Snapshot

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

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This month, we spotlight a couple public safety datasets from around the country. The first dataset spotlighted presents all traffic and investigatory stops made in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The second is police dispatched incidents in Montgomery County, MD. We also provide a tip on how to add the fiscal year end date to a query containing the fiscal year.

Be sure to check out live training sessions available in January to improve your data skills, and as always explore the on-demand training options.

News, Updates & Tips

Spotlight: Community Policing in Virginia

Data consists of all traffic and investigatory stops made in Virginia beginning in July 1, 2020. Provides date of the incident, name of jurisdiction, reason for stop, information about individual or driver involved (race, ethnicity, age, gender, English speaking), action taken, information on violation, searches conducted, and whether physical force occurred.

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Spotlight: Police Dispatched Incidents in Montgomery County, MD

This dataset contains a list of Police Dispatched Incidents records within Montgomery County, MD beginning February 28, 2019. Data is updated four times daily. Data contains date and time of incident, and the date and time the last unit was cleared, priority of the incident, incident type, location of incident, timeliness data, and incident disposition.

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SoQL Tip: Creating FY End Date

Many agencies aggregate data (sum, count, average, etc) by fiscal year for purposes of reporting performance. In order to create a performance measure in the enterprise data platform (Iowa Data), the source data used for the measure must contain a date field. However, if the source data for the measure is a query that aggregates data by fiscal year, dates are not always included. This issue can be remedied by editing the query to add the following line in the SELECT portion of a query:

('6/30/' || `fiscal_year`) :: floating_timestamp as date

Please note:

  • Replace fiscal_year with the API name of the column containing the four digit number representing fiscal year
  • Replace date with the desired name for the new field.
  • Group by the new date field if grouping was done within the query.

Live Training in December

Get trained in January! The table below highlights the live training available to state employees with an account on Iowa Data.

Date Start Time Course
January 4 10 AM Explore Data with Charts
January 6 10 AM Create and Manage Your Dataset
January 6 3 PM Create Performance Measures
January 9 12 PM Transform Data with Socrata Query Language
January 11 3 PM Map Your Data
January 13 12 PM Explore Data with Charts
January 16 10 AM Create and Manage Your Dataset
January 16 3 PM Shape & Join Data with SoQL Query Editor
January 18 10 AM Tell a Story with Perspectives
January 20 12 PM Create Performance Measures
January 23 12 PM Collaborate with Enterprise Data
January 25 12 PM Data Analysis Tools and Connections
January 27 12 PM Clean and Tidy Data
January 30 12 PM Create and Manage Your Dataset

View on demand training & access the training portal (Log-in Required).

Data Assets

The table below reports the number of public data assets published on Iowa Data by asset type. Please note that not all public data assets are included in the public catalog.

Data Asset Type Public Assets
Datasets 310
External References 160
Documents 281
Filtered Views 323
Charts 156
Maps 193
Measures 151
Stories/Dashboards 39
DataLens Pages 14
Total Assets 1,627

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