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June 2023 Data Snapshot

June 2023 Data Snapshot

Thursday, June 1, 2023

State Employees


This month, we discuss changes coming to metadata fields in response to the state government realignment. We also highlight a dataset from the State of Delaware that provides information on disciplinary actions for professional and occupational licensees. Lastly, we summarize improvements made to both the exploration and visualization canvases to make them more user friendly.

Also, check out upcoming live training sessions to improve your data skills, and as always explore the on-demand training options.

News, Updates & Tips

Aligning Metadata

We will be working with our vendor, Tyler Technologies, to update the publishing agency and attribution metadata fields for content published on the Enterprise Data Platform to correspond with the 16 cabinet departments, other non-cabinet level agencies, elected offices, and legislative and judicial agencies. This update will change values in both fields where required, and change filtering capabilities available in the catalogs on both the internal site, and the open data site ( A message will be sent out once the changes are complete. At that time, we'll ask you to review the content you own to ensure everything looks accurate.

View Publishing Agency Metadata Changes

Dataset Highlight: Disciplinary Actions for Professional and Occupational Licensees in Delaware

This dataset published by the Delaware Department of State, Division of Professional Regulations includes all disciplinary actions taken by the State of Delaware against a professional or occupational licensee. Data includes first and last name of licensee, license number, professional ID, type of disciplinary action taken, and the start and end date of the disciplinary action. Data is updated daily.

View Dataset

Exploration Canvas Updates

Publishers no longer have to open a new tab or navigate away from the Exploration Canvas in order to reference SoQL documentation when writing queries within the editor. The documentation is now attached making it easier to reference and use. Additionally, the Exploration Canvas will soon default to case-insensitive filtering options within the Filter Tab. Case-insensitive functions will appear in the drop-down menu of functions within the Filter Tab, which is the same way that case-sensitive functions display today. Case-sensitive functions will still be available as advanced functionality for publishers that wish to be more granular with their queries.

Visualization Usability Improvements

Visualization usability improvements make creating and updating visualizations more intuitive. Users can now:

  • Search for column names for any chart-type dimension‚Äč. (Previously, users had to scroll through a dropdown to find a column which was time-consuming.)
  • Remove any dimension or measure when multiple are selected. (Previously, users had to remove dimensions or measures from the bottom up.)
  • Select multiple columns at once when creating a table‚Äč visualization in Stories. (Previously, users had to select one at a time, making it time-consuming when choosing a large number of columns.)
  • Columns in drop-downs are in alphabetical order. (Previously, columns rendered in the order presented in the data source.)

Upcoming Live Training

Get trained! The table below highlights upcoming live training available to state employees with an account on the Enterprise Data Platform.

Date Start Time Course
June 5 12 PM Clean and Tidy Data
June 7 3 PM Create and Manage Your Dataset
June 9 3 PM Transform Data with Socrata Query Language
June 12 10 AM Explore Data with Charts
June 14 10 AM Map Your Data
June 14 3 PM Create Performance Measures
June 19 3 PM Tell a Story with Perspectives
June 23 10 AM Collaborate with Enterprise Data
June 23 3 PM Data Automation with Gateways and APIs
June 26 12 PM Create and Manage Your Dataset
June 30 10 AM Shape & Join Data in the Exploration Canvas
June 30 3 PM Tell a Story with Perspectives

View on demand training & access the training portal (Log-in Required).

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