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May 2023 Data Snapshot

May 2023 Data Snapshot

Monday, May 1, 2023

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Population & Capacity by Institution

This month, we highlight a couple reports, one from here in Iowa and one from the state of Washington that make data more accessible to the public, and introduce a new data literacy program. In Iowa, the Department of Corrections is now publishes a daily Correctional System Census providing citizens information about individuals actively supervised in Iowa's correctional system. Out west, the state of Washington has made investigations on complaints alleging law enforcement officer misconduct accessible to the public. Down south, Texas has launched a new data literacy program intended to improve state employees' ability to use data to extract insights and drive business strategy.

Be sure to check out upcoming live training sessions to improve your data skills, and as always explore the on-demand training options.

News, Updates & Tips

Iowa Correctional System Census

The Department of Corrections recently published and made publicly available the Iowa Correctional System Census. This report provides information on individuals who are actively supervised in Iowa's correctional system. You are able to explore the population by supervising region/institution, as well as view the population by individual characteristics, such as age, sex, race/ethnicity, educational attainment, English-speaking status, and prior military service - both system-wide and for each institution/region. The census will replace a static report that was updated quarterly. Data supporting the census is updated daily.

Open Report

Washington Law Enforcement Certification Investigations

The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission now publishes data on investigations into misconduct allegations against law enforcement and corrections officers, as mandated under RCW 43.101.400. The new dataset lists cases where misconduct allegations prompted a review of the officer's certification, and includes officer names and agencies, investigation outcomes and links to key case documents.

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Texas Data Literacy Program


The Office of the Chief Data Officer, within the Texas Department of Information Resources recently launched a data literacy program. The video series is designed to deliver information related to data management best practices, data sharing, and data analytics. The series currently consists of four videos with plans to add more.

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Upcoming Live Training

Get trained! The table below highlights upcoming live training available to state employees with an account on Iowa Data.

Date Start Time Course
April 10 10 AM Transform Data with Socrata Query Language
May 1 10 AM Clean and Tidy Data
May 3 3 PM Clean and Manage Your Dataset
May 5 3 PM Transform Data with Socrata Query Language
May 8 10 AM Explore Data with Charts
May 10 3 PM Map Your Data
May 12 10 AM Create Performance Measures
May 15 10 AM Tell a Story with Perspectives
May 15 3 PM Collaborate with Enterprise Data
May 23 12:30 PM Tell a Story with Perspectives - Cohort 2023
May 24 10 AM Create and Manage YOur Dataset
May 24 3 PM Shape & Join Data in the Exploration Canvas
May 26 12 PM Tell a Story with Perspectives
May 30 12:30 PM Tell a Story with Perspectives - Cohort 2023
May 30 3:30 PM Tell a Story with Perspectives - Cohort 2023

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