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November 2022 Data Snapshot

November 2022 Data Snapshot

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

State Employees

Image shows how to create a story using flexible layout.

No, we didn't skip the October newsletter! We are just renaming the newsletter using the month it is published instead of the previous month. This month, we highlight a dataset published in the State of Washington that provides comprehensive data on health care provider credentials. We also summarize improvements that make stories more flexible and dynamic, allow easier navigation in the exploration canvas' data table, facilitate undoing and redoing changes when shaping data, filter data by state fiscal year, and log and revert back to previous versions of datasets.

Be sure to check out live training sessions available in November to improve your data skills, and as always explore the on-demand training options.

News, Updates & Tips

Dataset Highlight: Health Care Provider Credential Data

This month's dataset highlight comes from the State of Washington where the Washington State Department of Health publishes information on health care provider credentials. The dataset provides the credential number, name of the provider, type of credential, status, birth year of provider, dates the credential was first and last issued, credential expiration date, and action taken. The data is updated daily, and currently provides over two million records.

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Flexible Story Layout Beta

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Stories became more flexible and dynamic in their layout this past month! You will now be able to drag and drop components into the Story Canvas and resize and rearrange them as needed. When creating stories, you are no longer are confined to the pre-selected content block options; instead, you have more control over your story's layout. The flexible story layout is in beta. Be sure to test it out and provide feedback on this new feature before it's finalized and made generally available.

Learn how to create a story with flexible layout.

Exploration Canvas Keeps Getting Better

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The Exploration Canvas is a brand new surface in Iowa Data for data exploration, data shaping, and derived view creation. We have had the beta active on our platform since June 2021. Within the canvas, you are able to filter data, group and aggregate data, join data to other data within the platform, and manage columns. In October, two new features were added: frozen column headings and undo/redo. The frozen column heading functionality keeps the column headers fixed in place while scrolling the data making it easier to associate the displayed values to the column for which they belong. Undo/redo allows you to step backward and forward in your changes that have been applied to a draft view.

Learn more about the exploration canvas.

Filtering on State Fiscal Year

Iowa Data has been configured to facilitate filtering on the state fiscal year starting this month. The state fiscal year is available in visualzations (i.e., charts and maps) that use date filters, and with date filters added to the global filter bar in stories. The state fiscal year start month (i.e. June) will also power measures that require a unique quarter start month.

Dataset Archiving

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Iowa Data had previously been in a beta version of dataset archiving, but it is now a fully functional feature on the platform. This will allow owners of datasets to capture data and metadata related changes that occur to a dataset. Not only will owners be able to see a log of changes made, but they will also be able to revert a dataset back to a previous version, and also export a previous version of a dataset to a CSV. Dataset archiving is not automatic, you need to enroll a dataset to get started.

Learn more about dataset archiving.

Live Training in November

Get trained in November! The table below highlights the live training available to state employees with an account on Iowa Data.

Date Start Time Course
November 2 3 PM Create Performance Measures
November 4 3 PM Data Analysis Tools & Connections
November 14 3 PM Create and Manage Your Dataset
November 16 3 PM Transform Data with Socrata Query Language
November 18 12 PM Collaborate with Enterprise Data
November 28 3 PM Create and Manage Your Dataset
November 30 3 PM Tell a Story with Perspectives

View on demand training & access the training portal (Log-in Required).

Data Assets

The table below reports the number of public data assets published on Iowa Data by asset type. Please note that not all public data assets are included in the public catalog.

Data Asset Type Public Assets
Datasets 302
External References 158
Documents 279
Filtered Views 375
Charts 160
Maps 201
Measures 151
Stories/Dashboards 38
DataLens Pages 14
Total Assets 1,678

View All Executive Branch/Non-Elected Agency Public Data Asset Counts


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User Accounts

Total User Accounts: 136
Active Users: 25 (18.4% of total)

Note: Active Users have logged in the data portal at least once in the past month.

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