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October 2023 Data Snapshot

October 2023 Data Snapshot

Monday, October 2, 2023

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GOVX 2023 Project Winner

2023 GOVX Winner!

The Iowa Department of Management was recognized as a 2023 Government Experience Project Winner for our work on the Iowa Pandemic Recovery Report.  The award was from the Center for Digital Government, which is part of Government Technology.

The Iowa Pandemic Recovery Report allows citizens to quickly explore federal awards received, expenditures and payments associated with coronavirus relief and recovery.  It was built using the Enterprise Data Platform and supporting applications.

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Why is Metadata Important?

Have you reviewed the metadata for your published assets recently?  Providing quality metadata is important - oftentimes as important as publishing the data itself.    The following outline key points on why metadata is important:

  • It assists users (including the public) find the data. Good classification of data makes it quicker for people to find the information they need.
  • It improves the significance of the data by clearly identifying its source and age.  Knowing where the data comes from and how old it is increases users' faith in the data.
  • It provides a structured method for communicating data's purpose and how it can be used.

UFO Data Going Public

Just for fun... the U.S. Department of Defense recently launched a one-stop shop for unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UFOs for us lay people.  I found the UAP Reporting Trends, 1996 - 2023 interesting.  Just in case you were wondering, Iowa is NOT a hotspot for UFOs!  Well, we don't report them if we are.

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