Technical Preview for New Visualization Experience

Friday, March 31, 2017

A new visualization interface in is available to dataset publishers.  The intent of this is to make the process of creating an interactive visualization more intuitive to users.  Below are some key highlights:

  • You are currently able to create bar charts, column charts, pie charts, timeline charts, histograms, point maps and region maps 
  • You are able to customize colors, axis titles, labels, flyouts, and sorting - to name a few.
  • You can filter data to create visualization and make filters available to public users to change..
  • You can add an additional grouping dimension to the bar, column, and timeline charts.
  • You are able to access code to embed the visualizations elsewhere on the web.

More is coming, such as the ability to add multiple charts to one page.  Feedback is currently being collected, we would highly encourage you to check the new interface out and provide your thoughts.  You can access this new experience via your dataset primer (i.e. landing page), by clicking the button next to the "Share" button (see image below), and then clicking "Visualize and Explore."

Program Area
Open Data, Visualizations, Charts, Maps

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