Planning what to publish in FY 2018

Monday, April 17, 2017

In a couple of months, agencies will be asked to submit their plans for FY 2018.  It is time to start thinking about what to publish.  When deciding on what data to publish, you should place emphasis on data that:

  • Demonstrates progress being made on strategic initiatives
  • Improves the public’s understanding of your agency’s mission and operations
  • Quantifies results achieved by your agency
  • Provides insight on key issues affecting your agency and/or your stakeholders
  • Satisfies regulatory, statutory, or grant reporting requirements
  • Facilitates collaboration with other state agencies

Learn more on how to prepare a dataset here, and what to include in the metadata here.  If you already have an online public database or application that allows citizens to explore your data, please included it as an external dataset.

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