New Chart Aggregation Options, Scalable Axis and Configurable Flyouts

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Socrata just updated visualizations available within to include new chart aggregation options, scalable axis and configurable flyouts.

Chart Aggregation Options

Previously the only aggregation option available for charts was "sum" (i.e., total by category), which is what is needed for many visualizations.  However, there are many situations where additional kinds of analysis or data aggregation are necessary to discover key insights or conclusions from data.  Now, chart creators have far greater flexibility by being able to choose between Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum and Median aggregation options when configuring their visualizations.

Aggregation gif

Scalable Axes

Now, combo charts, line charts, and column charts have scalable axes, allowing chart creators to move or resize their charts to give more or less space for axis titles and labels, as needed.

Configurable Flyouts

All chart types now support the ability to add a custom flyout or label, in addition to the default value. This is especially useful for showing multiple amounts associated with a single category, or showing both the sum and average of a value in a single context.

Axis and Flyouts GifRead Full Support Article

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