FY2020-2021 Budget Request and Strategic Planning Guidelines

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Governor and Lt. Governor will submit a biennial budget to the 2019 General Assembly and will work to get 100% of the funding passed for both fiscal years during the first session.  In order to accomplish this, it is requested that departments submit budget requests for FY2020-FY2021 by the October 1, 2018 deadline. 


FY2020-FY2021 Budget Request Guidelines

FY2020-FY2021 Budget Process for Departments –Executive Branch departments and agencies are required by statute to submit their FY2020-FY2021 budget request by October 1, 2018.  To finalize a budget request, each department and agency will need to submit the required documents as detailed in the FY2020-FY2021 Budget Request Manual to the Department of Management (DOM) by 4:30 pm October 1, 2018.  The FY2020-FY2021 Budget Request Manual will be available on the I3 web site (http://sp.iowa.gov/sites/00070/Sitepages/Home.aspx) later in August.

DOM will use FY2019 adopted budget amounts as the basis for most of the operating appropriations in the initial setup of the I3 Budget System for FY2020-FY2021 requests.  If you have not already done so, please contact your assigned DOM fiscal/policy analyst to discuss any additional FY2020-FY2021 needs.

DOM will load the I3 Budget System with the enacted FY2019 operating appropriations adjusted for item vetoes and one-time funding for FY2019.  The FY2020 and FY2021 base level will match your FY2019 spending plan amounts.  Any increases should be entered only after discussions with your assigned DOM fiscal/policy analyst and will be entered as New or Capital requests.  Please consult the FY2020-FY2021 Budget Request Manual for additional information.  The forms in the I3 Budget System will be opened to departments for entering department requests later in August.

Salaries – The collective bargaining process for FY2020 and FY2021 begins this fall.  As such, departments and agencies shall use the salary numbers provided in the B10 report on the Data Warehouse.  These amounts have already been loaded in the I3 Budget System.  After collective bargaining is completed, the Governor and Lt. Governor will be reviewing the agreements and will make any decisions that are necessary at that time.  Please consult the FY2020-FY2021 Budget Request Manual for additional information.

Capital Requests – Funding for capital projects, as defined in the FY2020-FY2021 Budget Request Manual, should be requested from the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund (Fund 0017).  Please note that ALL requests for funding from RIIF, unless already enacted for FY2020 and FY2021, should be inputted as a NEW2 or CAPITAL instance in the I3 Budget System, not as a RESTORATION instance.  Already enacted appropriations will be included in the BASE2 instance for the appropriate year.  Please work with your DOM fiscal/policy analyst regarding these requests.  Also, consult the FY2020-FY2021 Budget Request Manual on requirements for 5-year capital plans.

Technology Requests – Requests for funding for technology projects should be requested through the Technology Reinvestment Fund (Fund 0943).  All requests for funding should be a NEW2 instance and not a RESTORATION instance in the I3 Budget System.  It is recommended that if you are considering a technology project, you consult with the Office of Chief Information Officer before you submit a request for funding.  If you have any questions, please work with your DOM fiscal/policy analyst.


Miscellaneous Budget Issues

FY2019 Supplemental Needs – We do not anticipate any need for supplemental funding at this time.  Please remember that if challenges arise, the first step in determining if additional funding for FY2019 is needed will be to discuss the issues with your DOM fiscal/policy analyst.

Financial Information – Methods of calculating financial information on an enterprise basis have been determined by DOM.  Providing others with financial information inconsistent with DOM’s methodology creates confusion and misunderstandings.  Please provide your DOM fiscal/policy analyst with a copy of any financial related information before sharing this information with the other entities.  Department financial information that is different from information calculated by DOM should not be utilized or disseminated until the differences have been reconciled by DOM.

Changes to Appropriation Bills – Please review language in the previous session’s appropriation bill(s).  Submit any necessary revisions, deletions, or additions for FY2020-FY2021 to your DOM fiscal/policy analyst in writing by October 1, 2018.


Agency Strategic Planning

Chapter 8E of the Iowa Code, known as the Accountable Government Act or AGA, requires all state agencies to develop a strategic plan and annually review/update the plan as necessary. The Department of Management’s Strategic Planning Guide provides details for state agencies to follow in preparing their plan.  The guide is at https://dom.iowa.gov/document/guide-state-agency-strategic-planning

Required elements for each plan include:

  • Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement

  • Assessment

  • Goals with Measures

  • Strategies

  • Action Plan

In addition, agencies should align their goals and strategies with Governor Reynolds’ four goals by indicating in the plan any links that contribute to one or more of the goals:

  1. Creating a competitive business environment
  2. Developing the most innovative energy policy in the country
  3. Educating our children for the knowledge economy
  4. Training Iowans for the jobs of tomorrow

Most agencies wrote a new plan last year in order to align with the Governor’s new goals.

Within the next week, a copy of your department’s strategic plan currently on file with DOM will be forwarded.  Please take the opportunity to review your strategic plan this fall and, if necessary, revise or rewrite the plan to incorporate the Governor’s goals and any changing trends and/or priorities.

Departments that do make changes to their plan should submit the updated strategic plan to Tammy Winters by Monday, January 7, 2019, along with a summary (no more than one page) listing any substantive changes in goals, strategies or measures.  Please be sure to provide the time period for the plan on the cover sheet, e.g. Department of X Strategic Plan 2017-2021.

If no revisions are necessary for your department’s strategic plan, please send an e-mail to Tammy prior to the January 7 submission deadline.

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