April 2019 Data Snapshot

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

This is data.iowa.gov's update for April 2019.

Data News & Upcoming Events

Below you will find recent news and upcoming events regarding data.iowa.gov, open data, and the use of data in government.

Socrata: Improved Maps & Visualizations


Data classes or categories displayed on region maps can now be constructed using a linear quantification method or the Jenks natural breaks algorithm. Count of rows will only be available for visualizations where a description has been provided for a row (e.g., permits issued).

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The Hill: Open data promotes citizen engagement at the local level


In the past few years, many communities have realized the power of data once available to government. It's greatest potential may lie at the local level.

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Socrata: Inline Legends Now Available in Visualizations & More


Now, users can choose to have legends render within a visualization (currently, on the right or left side) instead of as an expandable menu. You will also soon have the ability to copy published visualizations and measures (available in new site once we migrate) so you no longer have to start from scratch each time.

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DOM: Data Asset Clean Up Nearly Complete


Over the past few weeks, we have been cleaning up the data catalog by removing visualizations created using the old methods that are no longer supported, and recreating them as necessary. We also removed many external assets where the reference links were no longer valid. Migration of data assests (datasets, charts, maps, etc.) over to the new portal will be happening in the near future. More information and details will be shared soon regarding target dates and what you can expect to see happen.

Monthly Data Snapshot

The report below provides a brief recap of the portal's use, activities and content available in April 2019. Lots of changes with content this month as part of the clean-up to improve the quality of data assets we provide and in preparation for the migration to the new data portal.

April 2019 Monthly Data Snapshot

State Data Plan

The State Data Plan is accessible on the following website. It identifies actions Executive Branch State Agencies (non-elected) intend to implement and provides the status for each action.

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Data Catalog

The data catalog is where you where you can go to explore data assets published on data.iowa.gov.

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Agency Content Reports

The reports accessible on this webpage provide information on content individual agencies have published.

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