July 2019 Data Snapshot

Thursday, August 1, 2019

In the July 2019 data snapshot, you will find news, updates, tips and other relevant information to Iowa's data program including:

  • Measuring Timeliness
  • Measuring Efficiency
  • Federal Data Strategy: Practices
  • Your Guide to Data Storytelling
  • Selecting the Right Chart
  • Google Dataset Search
  • Data Resources Available
  • State Data Plan

News, Updates & Tips

Measuring Timeliness

The time it takes to deliver government services often has a direct correlation to cost and time for customers and regulated entities, and in some cases can impact health and safety. As such, it can be a major source of complaints regarding government operations. How can you measure timeliness?

Read DOM's Preparing Data to Measure Timeliness Playbook

Measuring Efficiency

When a governmental process is inefficient, it uses more staff than needed, costs more money to deliver to citizens, and/or may hinder an agency’s ability to carry out other important work or activities. How can you measure efficiency?

Read DOM's Preparing Data to Measure Efficiency Playbook

Federal Data Strategy: Practices

The Federal Government recently published the Federal Data Strategy to offer balanced and holistic approaches to deriving value from Federal Government data assets. As part of the strategy, 40 practices were developed to inform federal agency actions and improve the Federal government's approach to data stewardship and the leveraging of data to create value. Although this is geared towards the Federal government, in may prove meaningful to state agencies as well.

Read Federal Data Strategy's Practices

Your Guide to Data Storytelling

The most compelling stories — those that inform, persuade, and engage your audience — combine data, analytics, a point of view, and real people. They give readers a "Call to Action" that not only outlines the next steps, but also inspires them to take it.

Read more in Tyler Tech's 7/2/2019 Blog Post

Selecting the Right Chart

Interactive charts can help people more easily understand the data your agency publishes. However, they should be designed with your message in mind, appropriate for the type of data you are working with and their relationship with one another, and follow basic design principles. How do you select the right chart?

Read DOM's Selecting the Right Chart Playbook

Google Dataset Search

Iowa data assets are discoverable in the new Google Dataset Search beta. Google's Dataset Search enables users to find datasets stored across the Web through a simple keyword search. The tool surfaces information about datasets hosted in thousands of repositories across the Web, making these datasets universally accessible and useful.

Tryout Google Dataset Search

Data Resources

Access data assets available to you.

View Public Catalog

Data Plan

Access State Data Plan

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