July 2020 Data Snapshot

Monday, August 3, 2020

In the July 2020 data snapshot, you will find information on:

  • Want a Project Explorer?
  • New Public Help Page
  • Cleaning Data with Data Transforms
  • Data Assets
  • Portal Accounts
  • State Data Plan

News, Updates & Tips

Want a Project Explorer?

We are looking for agencies who are interested in setting up a project explorer that would allow citizens to visualize your project information in a simple, user-friendly interface. The project explorer application is flexible to your agency's needs, and is built using data published on the Iowa Data Portal. The explorer presents the project's details (e.g., image, description, project start and end dates, and various other project attributes), project financials, project status, and project location. You are also able to provide categorical information that allows public to filter and drill into your project information (e.g., district, region, type of project, etc.). There is NO COST to your agency to use. Please email Scott Vander Hart if interested in learning more.

New Public Help Page


A new help page is available on the Iowa Data Portal for the public using the site. The help page provides links to the following resources:

  • How to Create an Account an Account,
  • How to Create a Filtered View,
  • How to Create a Chart, and
  • How to Create a Map.

Open Page

Cleaning Data with Data Transforms

Having inconsistent values in data is unfortunately an all too common data quality issue. Inconsistent values exist where different terms are used to represent the same thing (e.g. M and Male both meaning Male). Using case statements in data transforms can help address inconsistent values in data and improve your dataset's overall quality.

We have created a case statement tool to make cleaning your data easier. All you need to do is identify the column the data is in, list the current values you would like to change, list the new values you would like to change them to, and copy the provided data transform statement into the data transform editor for the column when you are updating your data. Once added, it will be applied to any future updates.

Open Tool (in Google Sheets)

Data Assets

The table below reports the number of public data assets published on the state data portal by asset type for the portal as a whole.

Data Asset Type Public Assets
Datasets 292
Geospatial Datasets 159
External References 156
Documents 259
Filtered Views 322
Charts 161
Maps 59
Measures 133
Stories/Dashboards 17
DataLens Pages 15
Total Assets 1,573

View All Executive Branch/Non-Elected Agency Public Data Asset Counts

New Public Datasets

The following are public datasets that were recently created and published in the past month:


Browse the Public Catalog on data.iowa.gov

Portal Users

Total User Accounts: 135
Active Users: 34 (25.2% of total)

Note: Active Users have logged in the data portal at least once in the past month.

Data Plan

The State Data Plan identifies actions Executive Branch State Agencies (non-elected) intend to implement.

Access the State Data Plan on dom.iowa.gov

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