November 2020 Data Snapshot

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

In the November 2020 data snapshot, you will find information on:

  • New City Budget Explorer
  • Introducing Common Questions
  • Data Highlight: State of Iowa Checkbook
  • Data Assets
  • Portal Accounts
  • State Data Plan

News, Updates & Tips

New City Budget Explorer

The Department of Management introduces the new City Budget Explorer. The explorer is an interactive budget providing line item detail for revenue and expenses associated with city budgets in Iowa. It our ongoing commitment to improving fiscal transparency. This website allows you to explore the budgets of every city in Iowa through highly interactive charts, graphs, and tables.

Open the Explorer

Introducing Common Questions

Common questions have been added to the Iowa Pandemic Recovery Report, and its finance and payment explorers. The common questions appear in the hero image of the main report and both explorers. By clicking the "Common Question" button, and selecting a question, viewers will be taken to a filtered portions of the explorers that answers the specific question. When there are thousands of transactions totaling billions of dollars, common questions make finding information people are interested much easier.

Open the Report

Data Highlight: State of Iowa Checkbook

The dataset contains over 13.4 million payment transactions representing over $130.4 billion in the State of Iowa’s central accounting system for the Executive Branch since the beginning of FY 2014. This dataset powers the Iowa Checkbook available at The data includes department, program/unit, fund, appropriation, vendor, and payment date. The data is updated on a monthly basis.

Explore the Dataset

Data Assets

The table below reports the number of public data assets published on the state data portal by asset type for the portal as a whole.

Data Asset Type Public Assets
Datasets 296
External References 157
Documents 259
Filtered Views 347
Charts 163
Maps 217
Measures 150
Stories/Dashboards 22
DataLens Pages 14
Total Assets 1,625

View All Executive Branch/Non-Elected Agency Public Data Asset Counts


Browse the Public Catalog on

Portal Users

Total User Accounts: 138
Active Users: 17 (12.3% of total)

Note: Active Users have logged in the data portal at least once in the past month.

Data Plan

The State Data Plan identifies actions Executive Branch State Agencies (non-elected) intend to implement.

Access the State Data Plan on

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