December 2020 Data Snapshot

Monday, January 4, 2021

In the December 2020 data snapshot, you will find information on:

  • Free Data Management Training from USGS
  • Teams Can Now Own Assets
  • Accessible Summary Tables in Charts and Maps
  • Diverging Scale Color Palette
  • Data Highlight: Payments to School Districts by State of Iowa
  • Data Assets
  • Portal Accounts
  • State Data Plan

News, Updates & Tips

Free Data Management Training from USGS


The United States Geological Survey (USGS) provides six interactive modules help researchers, data stewards, managers and the public gain an understanding of the value of data management in science and provide best practices to perform good data management within their organization. It includes the following modules:

  • Value of Data Management
  • Science Data Lifecycle
  • Planning for Data Management
  • Planning for Data Management: Part 2
  • Best Practices for Preparing Science Data to Share
  • Metadata for Research Date

Access Training Modules

Teams Can Now Own Assets

Socrata Support

Teams can now own, manage, and transfer assets on the state data portal, making asset management and collaboration easier than ever. Once an asset is transferred, all team members can utilize the ownership permissions on the team-owned asset; enabling members to edit, publish, manage viewers and collaborators, and delete assets owned by their team.

Team-owned assets are easily managed with the help of the Asset Manager. Users can filter this table by the owner's name to quickly view all of their team’s assets at once. Agencies wanting content to be owned by teams should consider creating an email address for the team for use where viewers may want to contact the owner of the asset.

Request/Revise a Team

Accessible Summary Tables in Charts and Maps

Socrata Support

All charts and maps are now equipped with tabs in the lower left hand corner of the chart or map that allow you to quickly switch between the vizualization and its accompanying summary table. This new feature ensures visualizations on the state data portal are accessible for all users, as the summary tables are keyboard and screen reader accessible.

Diverging Scale Color Palette

Socrata Support

Maps can now be stylized with a diverging color palette. Diverging scales are used when you want to visualize the deviation of data values in one of two directions relative to a neutral midpoint – e.g. when a dataset contains +/- numbers. Diverging scale is available for line, point, region, and boundary maps.

More on the Diverging Scale

Data Highlight: Payments to School Districts by State of Iowa

Payments to School Districts by State of Iowa is an example of an enhanced dataset built with SoQL on the data portal. This dataset joins payment transactions in the State of Iowa Checkbook with a crosswalk dataset to isolate payments to school districts and replaces vendor number and name with district number and a common school district name. It also corrects some payments associated with Local Option Sales Tax to attribute them to the prior fiscal year. The result is a dataset tailored to the needs of school districts.

Explore the Dataset

Data Assets

The table below reports the number of public data assets published on the state data portal by asset type for the portal as a whole.

Data Asset Type Public Assets
Datasets 300
External References 157
Documents 261
Filtered Views 349
Charts 163
Maps 217
Measures 150
Stories/Dashboards 22
DataLens Pages 14
Total Assets 1,633

View All Executive Branch/Non-Elected Agency Public Data Asset Counts

New Public Datasets

The following are public datasets that were recently created and published in the past month:


Browse the Public Catalog on

Portal Users

Total User Accounts: 138
Active Users: 19 (13.8% of total)

Note: Active Users have logged in the data portal at least once in the past month.

Data Plan

The State Data Plan identifies actions Executive Branch State Agencies (non-elected) intend to implement.

Access the State Data Plan on

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