January 2022 Data Snapshot

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

In the January 2022 data snapshot, you will find information on:

  • Embed Whole Public Dashboards & Stories
  • Copy & Paste Content Blocks in Stories
  • Improved Print Story Functionality
  • Dataset Highlight: Active Iowa Construction Contractor Registrations
  • Data Assets
  • Portal Accounts
  • State Data Plan

News, Updates & Tips

Embed Whole Public Dashboards & Stories

You can now embed whole public dashboards & stories as fully interactive embeds off the Iowa Data Poral. Users can instantly engage with your content, on your own department's website for instance, without being directed back to the data portal. This will help increase engagement with and time on your dashboards and stories. You can find the story’s URL in the “Share and Embed” option in the story’s edit mode Menu panel. When using this functionality, verify the embed code is pointing to the public data portal at data.iowa.gov, not the internal portal.

Copy & Paste Content Blocks in Stories


Users can now copy and paste media content blocks within their story on the Iowa Data Portal. This new functionality decreases the amount of time spent creating, adding or editing media, especially visualizations, in Stories. Drafting new content just became easier.

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Improved Print Story Functionality


The ability to print dashboards and stories within the Iowa Data Portal has been improved. Now, when you print out your Story, all content is rendered within the content blocks, visually aligned on the page, and the Action bar is removed from the printed format. This makes grabbing a snapshot of your interactive dashboard or story much easier

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Dataset Highlight: Active Iowa Construction Contractor Registrations

Iowa Data Portal

Find data on all individual contractors and businesses performing "Construction" work within Iowa who have active registrations. Individuals contractors and business must register and renew annually if earning at least $2,000.00 a year from construction. IWD uses the North America Industry Classification System (NAICS) to determine which employers will be classified as construction.

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Data Assets

The table below reports the number of public data assets published on the state data portal by asset type for the portal as a whole.

Data Asset Type Public Assets
Datasets 303
External References 157
Documents 276
Filtered Views 367
Charts 154
Maps 215
Measures 151
Stories/Dashboards 24
DataLens Pages 14
Total Assets 1,661

View All Executive Branch/Non-Elected Agency Public Data Asset Counts


Browse the Public Catalog on data.iowa.gov

Portal Users

Total User Accounts: 132
Active Users: 25 (18.9% of total)

Note: Active Users have logged in the data portal at least once in the past month.

Data Plan

The State Data Plan identifies actions Executive Branch State Agencies (non-elected) intend to implement.

Access the State Data Plan on dom.iowa.gov

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