Create Custom Choropleth Maps

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The State of Iowa's open data portal,, now offers the ability to create customized choropleth maps.  Previously, we were only able to display choropleth maps in Data Lens pages using county boundaries.  However, improvements to the portal expand this functionality to custom boundaries unique to Iowa, such as, school district boundaries, watersheds, regional planning districts, etc.  If you are interested in having custom boundaries available to display your data, you will need to provide the State Data Administrator a Geospatial File meeting the following conditions:

  • Can be KML, KMZ, Shapefile or Geojson
  • Must be a single layer map that contain polygons or multipolygons
  • Should contain a label for each boundary in the map
  • Have less than 500,000 vertices per dataset
  • Have less than 5,000 rows per dataset
  • Have less than 50,000 vertices per shape.
Program Area
Open Data, Geospatial, Maps

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