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Where is budget control maintained?

All claims presented for payment must be approved by the appropriate department. The expenditure must be for a purpose intended by law and a sufficient existing and unexpended appropriation balance must be available. Budgetary controls are incorporated into state accounting systems. The annual budget of the state is established through separate appropriations to individual departments for specific purposes, special outlays and/or operating expenditures.

Is there a expenditure limitation for the general fund?

The General Fund expenditure limitation is 99% of the adjusted appropriable revenue estimate. The adjusted revenue estimate is the appropriable revenue estimate for the General Fund following fiscal year as determined by the Revenue Estimating Conference. Adjustments may be made by adding any new revenues which may be considered to be eligible for deposit into the General Fund subtracted by any revenues which are considered not eligible for deposit into the General Fund, that are determined to happen after the Revenue Estimating Conference meets.

Can the state budget be revised?

Departments may request revisions to allotments, appropriation transfers, or supplemental appropriations. The Department of Management approves revised allotments within an appropriation, subject to the Governor’s review. The Governor and the Department of Management approve all appropriation transfers. The Governor and the General Assembly act on supplemental appropriation bills in a manner similar to original appropriations. Appropriations lapse at fiscal year-end and unobligated balances revert to the state treasury, unless otherwise provided.

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