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May 2023 Data Snapshot Population & Capacity by Institution This month, we highlight a couple reports, one from here in Iowa and one from the state of Washington that make data more accessible to the public, and introduce a new data literacy program. In Iowa, the Department of Corrections is now publishes a daily Correctional System Census providing citizens information about individuals actively supervised in Iowa's correctional system. Out west, the state of Washington has made investigations on complaints alleging law enforcement officer misconduct accessible to the public. Down south, Texas has launched a new data literacy program intended to improve state employees' ability to use data to extract insights and drive business strategy. Be sure to check out upcoming live training sessions to improve your data skills, and as always explore the on-demand training options.

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General Fund

FY 2023 Year-to-Date Growth by Month, April 2023 General Fund Receipts Memo, April 2023

Gross General Fund receipts for April 2023 totaled $1,002.5 million, a decrease of 10.1 percent over the same period last year. Fiscal year-to-date, gross General Fund receipts totaled $9,071.3 million. This is $252.3 million or 2.9 percent more than last year. The estimate for Fiscal Year 2023 is for no change from Fiscal Year 2022 actual.

REC Projection

REC Projections, March 2023

Revenue Estimating Conference's estimate of general fund receipts as of March 10, 2023.


Budget in Brief

Iowa Program and Budget Brief, FY 2024

This document contains the Condition of the State address, program initiatives, economic review, state financial policies, financial summaries, and information related to education, human services, corrections and others.  The budget in brief covers fiscal year ending June 30, 2024.

Lean Report

State Appeal Board

State Appeal Board Claim Form

Claims are required to be submitted to the State Appeal Board (SAB) using the State Appeal Board Claim Form and Affidavit. Tort claims need to be submitted in triplicate, signed and notarized. For general claims and interdepartmental claims, one original claim form and one copy of all supporting documentation is required.