This page provides resources for agencies to complete a review of their administrative rules in accordance with Executive Order 10.

Goals of the Red Tape Review

  • Implement a deliberative approach to rulemaking
  • Increase public input in the rulemaking process
  • Eliminate rules that do not provide substantiated benefits to Iowans
  • Adopt the least costly way to realize the public benefits or purpose of a rule
  • Adhere to the rulemaking authority granted by the legislature
  • Reduce page and word count of the administrative code
  • Reduce restrictive language (shall, must, may not, prohibit, require, restrict)
  • Avoid verbatim repetition of statutory language, cite the statute instead

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Executive Order 10

Administrative Rulemaking Moratorium and Review

Gov. Kim Reynolds' executive order puts a moratorium on administrative rulemaking and institutes a comprehensive review of all existing administrative rules.