Local Government

Local Government certifies property tax levies, processes all local government budgets, collects and aggregates statewide taxable property valuations, computes and distributes utility replacement tax data, processes county annual reports and determines the amount and distribution of school foundation aid.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone Assignments
Carrie Johnson 515-281-5598 Property Valuations
Certification of Agriculture Extension Budgets
Certification of Assessor Budgets
Certification of County Budgets
Certification of Hospital Budgets
County Finance Committee
Utility Replacement Excise Tax
Ted Nellesen 515-281-3705 Certification of City Budgets
City Finance Committee
Certification of Township Budgets
Certification of Miscellaneous District Budgets
John Parker 515-281-8485 Certification of Community College Budgets
Certification of E-911 Service Board Budgets
Certification of Emergency Management Agency Budgets
Certification of School Budgets
School Foundation Aid Formula

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