New Overview Page

The primer page for datasets and derived views is getting a new look and enhanced functionality.  The page will now have multiple tabs:

  • About Tab. The about tab highlights featured content, metadata, and a change log (where applicable).
  • Data Tab. The data tab provides a data preview table and facilitates searching and filtering, and selecting columns to display. When exporting data, users have the option to export all the data, or filtered results. They also have the ability to copy a row, a value or multiple values.
  • Related Content Tab. The related content tab displays all the content published on the platform related to the dataset or derived view. Soon users will also have the ability to search related content and filter by content type.

Additionally, all available actions are organized under a new "Actions" menu button.

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Artificial Intelligence EO

President Biden issued an executive order on October 30, 2023, outlining comprehensive action by the federal government related to artificial intelligence.  Top priorities include standards related to privacy, security and safety.  It also seeks to prevent discrimination and protect workers' rights when the technology is used in the workplace.

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Americans Views on Data Privacy

On October 18, 2023, the Pew Research Center released a report gathering views on the role of technology companies, artificial intelligence and regulation, as well as privacy and their personal data and online habits.

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New On-Demand Course

There is a new on-demand course available entitled, "Data Automation and Management with Gateway | Values and Overview." A Gateway is an easy-to-use, on-platform solution that allows you to publish, update, and automate datasets directly from various key on-premise and/or cloud-hosted source systems. This course will walk through the unique data connection, automation, and management abilities that Gateway provides, its high level of data security and modular user access capabilities, and opportunities that Gateway can bring to your data program.

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Data Spotlight

Retail Sales and Retail Use Business Registrations 

Department of Revenue

The the dataset provides a listing of active and inactive retail and retail use business registrations.  It provides business name and address, registration information, and industry.

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