Official Publication of Statewide Broadband Availability Map Version 5 ("Map v5")
***Final Version of Broadband Map v5***

OFFICIAL NOTICE: March 1, 2023

Today, the State of Iowa Department of Management, Division of Information Technology (DoIT) published the final version of Statewide Broadband Availability Map version 5 ("Map v5"). Map v5 is designed to facilitate decisions concerning future spending under federally-funded broadband programs. Because Map v5 does not use the tiered structure envisioned by Iowa Code chapter 8B and is not subject to the challenge process of Iowa Code section 8B.10. Rather, Map v5 mirrors the federal process of identifying broadband coverage at an individual address location.  This makes Map v5 far more granular than prior DOM DoIT broadband maps. 

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Learn About the Map

The Office utilizes maps and data sources made available by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and/or developed or produced by contractors or third parties retained or utilized by the Office. These maps and corresponding data sources represent the status of Broadband in Iowa on the As Of date as reported by communication service providers in Iowa.

Every address location on Map v5 reflects an eligibility determination  of either eligible or ineligible. This status is based solely on speed, technology type, or previous incentive provided at the location from prior State or federal incentive programs.  Determinations are made based on the best available information concerning service availability as of the date the Map was published (Aug. 2, 2022), and reflects  (1) service currently available at the location, (2) service that could be provided on a commercially reasonable basis and without significant interruption or delay, and (3) service that has been facilitated at the location through State or federal incentive programs regardless of whether service has actually been facilitated as of the Map publication date.

EligibleBroadband service below 100 mbps down / 20 mbps up (excluding satellite and mobile wireless) with no disqualifying prior state or federal incentive.
IneligibleBroadband service greater than or equal to 100 mbps down / 20 mbps up (excluding satellite and mobile wireless) and/or with disqualifying prior state or federal incentive.

Eligibility designations in no way guarantee facilitation of service in the future through state- or federally-funded broadband builds.

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Learn About the Public Challenge Process

On August 2, 2022, the Office posted the final version of Broadband Availability Map v5 and opened a 30-calendar-day challenge window wherein anyone aggrieved or adversely affected by mapping determinations may challenge the Office's final determination of whether service at a particular address location is accurately reflected and/or whether an address location is geographically located on Map v5. The Office also reserved the right to challenge provider reported data to the extent that any provider reported data appears faulty.

Challenges to the Map were address location-based. The Map no longer reflects service on a census block level. Challenges to Map v5 were based on presence or reliability of service and/or speed at an address location. Challengers were required to provide for every location challenged an address and corresponding IA Location ID, to the extent an IA Location ID is available on the map. Challenges without this information may not have been evaluated.

The Map could have been challenged by communities, communication service providers, or residents. Residents challenging the map must have been residents of the State of Iowa, reporting the conditions of service at their place of residence or business. Communities included city/county governments, school districts, consortia of political subdivisions, non-profit organizations representing communities, and regional entities. Communication Service Providers include entities that provide broadband service. Only one challenge form could be submitted per communication service provider or per community. 


Challenges received by the Office and challenge decisions are posted at Broadband Availability Map: Version 5 Challenge Process.

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View the Map

Broadband Map v5 is provided below. Click "Open Map in New Window" to see a larger view of the map.


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