New On-Demand Course

There is a new on-demand course available on the data & insights training portal to learn how to build queries with the Exploration Canvas in order to create and power new views of your data.

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Using oData

Every dataset and view published on the enterprise and open data platforms whether private or public can be accessed via oData.  This enables further analysis of datasets and views using Microsoft Excel, PowerBI, Tableau and other oData-compatible analytics tools.

For private assets, users will need to leverage an API key and secret for basic authentication as we rely on single-sign on.

More on Using oData, and generating API Keys.

Validating Data in Spreadsheets

Many state employees utilize spreadsheets to capture information about state programs.  Both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel support creating data validation rules that prevent users from entering incorrect data, ensures consistency, and controls user input.  All of which better prepare your data for analysis.  Below are a couple resources to get started:

Data Spotlight

City Budget Explorer 

Department of Management

The City Budget Explorer is an interactive budget providing line item detail for revenue and expenses associated with city budgets in Iowa. It an ongoing commitment to improving fiscal transparency. This website allows you to explore the budgets of every city in Iowa through highly interactive charts, graphs, and tables.

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December Online Live Data Skills Training

All courses are 60 to 90 minutes in length.  Go to the data & insights training portal to sign up for the following courses as well as on-demand training.

  • Wed, Dec 6, 3 PM - Create and Manage Your Dataset
  • Fri, Dec 8, 3 PM - Transform Data with Socrata Query Language
  • Mon, Dec 11, 12 PM - Explore Data with Charts
  • Wed, Dec 13, 3 PM - Map Your Data
  • Fri, Dec 15, 12 PM - Create Performance Measures
  • Mon, Dec 18, 3 PM - Tell a Story with Perspectives
  • Wed, Dec 20, 3 PM - Collaborate with Enterprise Data
  • Fri, Dec 22, 12 PM - Data Automation with Gateways and APIs
  • Wed, Dec 27, 10 AM - Shape & Join Data in the Exploration Canvas
  • Fri, Dec 29, 12 PM - Tell a Story with Perspectives