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February 2024 Data Snapshot Adding additional data sources The Global Filter Bar in a story or dashboard on the Enterprise Data Platform now supports filtering across multiple data sources. This allows users to seamlessly integrate various data sources into their reports, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive data analysis experience. With this update, users can effortlessly associate similar columns across different sources, streamlining the filtering process.

Public Meetings

General Fund

FY24 Year-to-Date Growth by Month General Fund Receipts, January 2024

Gross General Fund receipts for January 2024 totaled $1,402.0 million, an increase of $250.1 million or 21.7 percent compared to the same period last year.


REC Projection


Budget in Brief

Iowa Program and Budget Brief, FY 2025

This document contains the Condition of the State address, program initiatives, economic review, state financial policies, financial summaries and information related to education, human services, corrections and others.  The budget in brief covers fiscal year ending June 30, 2025.

Lean Report

State Appeal Board

State Appeal Board Claim Form

Claims are required to be submitted to the State Appeal Board (SAB) using the State Appeal Board Claim Form and Affidavit. Tort claims need to be submitted in triplicate, signed and notarized. For general claims and interdepartmental claims, one original claim form and one copy of all supporting documentation is required.